Dorset's Premier Party Catering Equipment Hire



Hire a SPIT ROAST machine to cook up to a 60 kg pig, a lamb, joint of meat, or 40 chickens at one time.


Choose your optional extras such as meats (at less than butcher’s prices), gas, cleaning, delivery/collection etc to help you manage your costs. It can be so easy!


Alternatively, we can supply a uniformed chef and staff to provide the catering for you.


All equipment comes with instructions and 25 years of experience helps us to make sure that you have all the equipment and guidance you need for a successful event, with 24/7 support.








Spit Roasting Machines (£130)

6ft. long
Roasts up to 60kg pig in 5 hours
Roasts 45kg joints meat in 4 hours
Roasts a 30kg lamb in 3 hours
Roasts 40 chickens in 50 minutes

Meats (ring for quote)

Whole Pork, Lamb, Beef, Chickens or joints
Handling and Fixing Meats to Spit Pole

Propane Gas (£30)

13kg or 19kg Cylinder
For Spit Roasting

Cleaning (£30)